Principal activities of RNGS-Invest LLC:

Provision of services for the cleaning of storage tanks and tanks,
pipelines and technological equipment,
designed for transportation, processing
and storage of oil and viscous oil products.

Reclamation of lands contaminated with oil and heavy
oil products, localization of a contaminated site,
prevention of the spread of an oil slick and collection
of the maximum possible amount of spilled oil.

Complex of measures for transshipment of light and dark
oil products from railway transport to
motor transport with the use of tanks,
transshipment and bunkering oil depots.

Storage of petroleum products. In 2019, LLC "RNGS-Invest"
put into operation its own oil depot, located
near St. Petersburg in the Shushary industrial zone. All the personnel
of the oil depot are certified to work with dangerous goods.

Supply of components for the production of high and low
sulfur bunker fuels. Supply and processing of
hydrocarbons at the refinery of the Leningrad region
for the purpose of production and sale of the resulting oil products.

Sale of petroleum products. LLC "RNGS-Invest"
is connected with direct partnerships with many
manufacturers of oil products and supplies oil
products from manufacturers directly to the consumer.